In September 2019 I will be doing talks with Ulises Mejias to launch our book, “The Costs of Connection”, at Harvard's Berkman Center, New York University, the New School, Rutgers University and Temple University, with more talks to follow.

Since 2014, I have delivered keynote addresses in Berlin, Seoul, Prague, Oslo, Florence, Bergen (Norway), Aarhus (Denmark), Belem (Brazil), Rio de Janeiro, Boulder (Colorado, USA), Copenhagen, Helsinki, Lisbon and Milan, and have also given invited talks and conference papers in Montreal, Lund, Santiago (Chile), Stockholm, Utrecht and Warsaw.

Some of the talks I have given in the past years:

  • ‘The Emerging Social Order of Data Colonialism: Why Critical Theory Still Matters’, public lecture, Data School and Centre for Humanities, Utrecht University, Holland, June 2019.

  • ‘Data Colonialism and The Hollowing Out of the Social World’, public lecture, Department of Communication, University of São Paulo, Brazil, May 2019.

  • ‘From the Myth of the Mediated Centre to the Myth of Big Data: Reflections on Media’s Role in social Order’, keynote, Congreso Televisões, Universidad Fluminense Federal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2019.

  • ‘The Emerging Social Order of Data Colonialism: Why Critical Social Theory Still Matters’, Department of Communication, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan, April 2019.

  • ‘Data Colonialism and the Threat to Human Autonomy’, Distinguished Lecture Series, Department of Media and Communications, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, November 2018.

  • ‘Colonized by Data: The Hollowing Out of the Digital Social World’, HIIG, Berlin Lecture Series on the Digital Society, Berlin, November 2018.

  • ‘Can Data Be Decolonized? Data Relations and the Emerging Social Order of Capitalism’ (with Ulises Mejias), paper presented at AoIR, Montreal, October 2018.

  • ‘Capabilities Theory and the Transforming Communication Field: Capabilities for What?’, keynote to preconference on the capabilities approach and justice, ICA, Prague, May 2018.

  • ‘Social Order in the Age of Big Data: Exploring the Knowledge Problem and the Freedom Problem’, keynote [by skype] to ‘Social Media and Social Order’ conference, Oslo University, November 2017.

  • ‘Building From Elsewhere: Platformization and the Continuing Struggle for Social Change’, keynote to Florence Summer School on Media in Political Participation and Mobilization’, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, June 2017.

  • ‘The Mediated Construction of Reality: From Berger and Luckmann to Norbert Elias’, opening keynote to biennial conference of Norwegian Media Researchers Association, University of Bergen, October 2016.

  • ‘The Social Construction of Reality – Really!’, keynote to Kappa Phi first International Conference, Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina, June 2016.

  • ‘The Mediated Construction of Reality: from Berger and Luckmann to Norbert Elias’, Biannual Conference of Norwegian Media Researchers Association: Towards Future Media Landscapes, keynote, University of Bergen, October 2016.

  • ‘The Expanding Domain of Political Contention: A Triple Challenge’, keynote to the Democratic Public Sphere conference, Aarhus University, Denmark. November 2015.

  • ECREA Conference on Political Agency in the Digital Age (Communication and Democracy section), Copenhagen Business School, October 2015,  (see slides here)

  • The Social Ontology of Digital Data & Digital Technology Conference (organised by University of Warwick), The Shard, London, July 2015.

  • Seminar with Wendy Brown, LSE (see script here), London, June 2015.


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