I was appointed in 2015 as Coordinating Lead Author of the chapter on Media and Communications in the proposed report by the International Panel on Social Progress. I encourage you to read the chapter and share your thoughts here. To find out more on media as a key dimension of global inequality, please see our recent article published by The ConversationTo access an article on the topic in Spanish, please see La Jornada de Oriente

My current research project, The Price of Connection, investigates the emerging contradiction between the end and means of internet development, and how it is addressed in public debate, with a view to identifying potential resolutions that might genuinely enhance life over the longer-term. I have co-presented on this topic for the University of Sydney (Department of Media and Communications) and Sydney Ideas: the link to the podcast can be accessed here. This link to a reflection piece published by The Conversation Australia may also be of further interest.

I have recently completed a book with Andreas Hepp on The Mediated Construction of Reality (Polity 2016) which revisits Berger and Luckmann’s project that tracked ‘the social construction of reality’, but for the age of digital media. More information can be accessed here.

A working draft of a forthcoming article on ‘Media in Modernity’ (to be published [in French] in a special issue edited by Danilo Martucelli of Revue de Philosophie) is here.

For the longer term I am planning a book with Ulises Mejias on resistance to the corporate appropriation of social life through the construction of online platforms.